Pest Control Cairns, Termite Inspections and more!

Have annoying pests invaded your home?

When inside your home, pests can cause or carry a range of health risks, such as allergic reactions. But pests can also pose a more serious threat to your family - in some cases risks include infections and venomous bites. So don’t postpone any longer - get in touch with Ulysses Pest Solutions right away to enquire about pest control in Cairns. We offer complete Pest Control and Termite Prevention services in and around Cairns and surrounding areas. Ulysses Pest Solutions services North Queensland with pest reports, pest inspections and Pest Control.

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Termite Inspections

Ulysses Pest Control Cairns - expertise and experience in Termite pest control for your home or commercial property.

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Cockroach Treatments

Cockroaches spread pathogens like Salmonella and will make your family ill. Treat them today!

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Affordable Pest Control

Quality and Professional Pest Control in Cairns

Ulysses Pest Control is your pest management professional with more than 3 decades of experience. We offer all-round pest control services in Cairns, including cockroach and termite treatments, both in your home and office. Unsure if you have problems with pests? Then contact us for your pest control in Cairns today. We have the tools, skills, and expertise required to successfully locate and address any pest issue in your home or office. There is no job too big or small for us, so don’t hesitate any further - get in touch and receive a free quote!

Local Knowledge and Decades of Expertise

Our success in pest control in Cairns comes from our dedication to customer satisfaction and guaranteed quality of service. We started this business to help our neighbours restore safety in their homes and create healthy living environments for their families. Due to our 30 years in the building and pest control fields in Cairns, we are familiar with the most common problems that occur in the area. This knowledge allows us to discover and eliminate pests in the shortest amount of time, which makes us your most trusted local pest control service provider!

Affordable Pest Control in Cairns

Ulysses Pest Control offers a free quote for pest control in Cairns. And if you book our services, we offer a special discount for pensioners and seniors. We provide a 12-month guarantee on cockroach treatments and 6-month guarantees on ants.

Worried about your Family or Pets?

At Ulysses Pest Control, we provide our services with the utmost concern for safety and family and pet-friendly products. Our ultimate goal is to make your home a healthy environment and we complete our work very diligently. Before we begin, we will explain what our pest control in Cairns includes, tell you all about the process, and what you need to bear in mind in order to keep your family members and pets safe during the process. Thanks to Ulysses Pest Control, you can rest assured the process will go by quickly and safely!

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