Ant Treatments and Pest Removal

Pest Treatments for your ant problems

Ulysses Pest Control Cairns has the knowledge and experience to advise on the best treatment plans for ants. We are able to identify ant species and provide appropriate plans to manage them.

Some of the options we can offer include:

  • Ant Treatments
  • Ant Baiting
  • Creating Ant Barriers to your property


Family and Pet Friendly Pest Control

We ensure our treatments and products are safe for your family and pets and provide all the advice and iformation needed to give you peace of mind around our pest control services.

We determine what types of ants are causing you problems and treat them directly or provide baiting options. We create barriers to your property and offer advice on how to limit them from accessing your property.


Guaranteed Pest Control

We guarantees on our pest control services and ant treatments to ensure less hassle for you, our valued customers.

ant treatments from ulysses pest control cairns

Ants feeding on liquid Bait. Colony Control treatment in Brinsmead, Cairns

black ants being treated by ulysses pest control cairns

Black Ants eating Liquid Ant Bait from a Pest Control Treatment in Bentley Park, Cairns

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